Blissville Bunnies

   Apr 04

Wool Block Scare

With hopes of participating a show this year with Bambi, I had been letting her wool grow since the boys were born last November. However, we’ve had a lot of excitement going on around here, and it’s been really hard to keep up with grooming. Especially with the herd growth in the last year. An incessant groomer, Bam gave me quite a scare with possible wool block. Luckily, I monitor everyone’s food and water intake, so it didn’t get very far. Pineapple juice diluted in water, administered with a syringe every 15 minutes was my ‘phase 1′. She is such a perfect rabbit. Really. She did NOT like being forced to drink, so by the 6th time I walked toward her with the syringe, she jumped up and starting drinking like mad as if to say “see, look, I’m drinking by myself!”. Needless to say, I didn’t have to implement the next emergency phases for wool block. So here is Miss Bambi, all dolled up for the last time before getting sheared. princess

Still ever the sweet, kissable, bun. It’ll take a few week to her to not look so….well, she’s sheared and that’s that.

Who’s next for a haircut? ;)

   Feb 25

Miss Kitty’s First Litter


The precocious and sometimes unpredictable Miss Kitty FINALLY had her first litter of kits. No matter how I did the math, she went for at least 35 days, and that’s with me counting from her last day of breeding. I had all but given up, thinking she had faked us out. After all, she started building her nest last October.


My EA mentor told me to let ‘Bubba’ at her because I had nothing to lose. She’d either accept him or not. Three hours later, I opened her cage door, and one of her precious babies tumbled out into my hand!

Two agoutis! Shocked that there were only two, yet relieved that she bred successfully.


Day 2


Day 14

   Jan 31

Hangin’ With The Boys

Here are my precious little boys posing pretty after several hours of ‘free ranging’. From left to right: Leroy Brown, Gandalf the Gray, and Jethro Tull. Leroy and Jethro are  available for sale.


   Jan 10

At The ‘All She Can Eat’ Buffet

In the sunroom…tucked way behind the orange tree…and hidden on the other side of a curtain, is a 50lb bag of rabbit feed.




Everyday, each of our bunnies is given an exercise period. Even though calories can be technically burned by moving the jaw rapidly, this is NOT real exercise.

   Dec 19

Daily Dose of Cute Buns

spotThis little girl has a white spot on her nose and her head. Otherwise, she is solid blue.

   Dec 15

English Angora Bunnies for Sale!


English Angora Bunnies continue to be a daily learning process for Daughter and I. There is so much to learn! And just when you think you’ve figured it all out, something new pops up! We were sure that we’d be offering a beautiful box of ‘chocolates’ just in time for Christmas.


However, it seems that the jury is out whether or not we have a litter of Chocolates or Blues. Regardless, these little babies are nearly ready for new homes. Three are broken, and the other three are promising show bunnies so far.


All have awesome wool coming along.

Enjoy these pics and contact us if you have any questions.


   Apr 26

Miss Kitty’s Chubby Cheeks

Miss Kitty loves hay

Miss Kitty with a mouthful of hay

Hope this made your day!

Hop on,



   Apr 23


We recently had a herd of kits (baby bunnies) from our two original bunnies, Bonnie and Clyde. We put them together (on purpose) to hope that they would mate. But Mom and I never caught Bonnie and Clyde “in the act”. But apparently the phrase “As quick as a bunny” is true, for low and behold Bonnie started to nest almost a month later. In case you were wondering, a bunnies gestation period is one month! Since there is really no way to tell if your bunny is  pregnant other than to  palpate, we just hopped for the best. Finally Mom went out to the cage and saw a litter of baby buns! There were a total of 5 kits that survived.

The only girl in the litter was fondly referred to as Miss Houdini. She is a spunky girl that loves to be held and cuddled. She is called Miss Houdini because when she was younger she could get out of any cage, playpen,or any other means of “confinement” as I’m sure she would call it. She thankfully filled out and doesn’t have that issue anymore.

This is Miss Houdini

This is Miss Houdini


The others are just as playful but each with a different personality. Mr. Chubs is a very (chubby) furry bunny he loves to be held and loved and is the only one built like his father, Clyde.

This is Mr Chubs

This is Mr Chubs


Then there’s Paddington, who is light brown in color, he’s very docile and laid back.

This is Paddington

This is Paddington



Then there’s The Runt….I know it’s sorta mean, but he is the runt of the herd. He is also lovable and docile, but is spunky and active when he wants to be.

This is Runt

This is Runt


And lastly there is Black. He is a goofy bun, with a “nothing can stop me” kind of attitude, but is extremely lovable.

This is Blackie

This is Blackie


There will be more on our bunnies soon.


Hop on,


   Apr 20


Welcome to Blissville Bunnies!

We are a Mom-and-Daughter team interested in showing, breeding, and grooming bunnies. We currently have four English Angora bunnies Bonnie, Clyde, and our newest additions Bambi and Miss Kitty. English Angora’s are wool rabbits, but they make great pets too! Read here to learn how we got our first bunnies.

Clyde, our buck, is friendly, loving boy. Even though he is all business about his job, he is still a cuddly bunny.

Clyde Hopper

This is our buck, Clyde


Bonnie, our first doe,  is a spunky, mischievous  bunny who has one marbled eye and one regular eye. A few of her hobbies are running, playing with her stick and being held.

Bonnie is our first doe

Bonnie is our first doe

Bonnie has a marbled eye which means that half or more of her eye is blue and the other half is brown. This is caused by the Vienna Gene which I will address in a later post.

This is Bonnie's eyes

This is Bonnie’s eyes


Bambi, our second doe, has been with us for 1 month so it is hard to tell her personality. We do know;however, that she loves playing and being held.

This is Bambi.

This is Bambi.

Miss Kitty, our third doe, has been with us for 2 weeks is,like Bambi, hard to tell what she’s going to be like. But one of her favorite things is to be held by everyone and anyone who is willing.

This is our youngest doe, Miss Kitty

This is our youngest doe, Miss Kitty

English Angora bunnies are very high maintenance! Grooming is essential 1-3 times a week, check their grain two to three times a day, give treats at least once, be held at least once if not more, watered frequently, and be allowed to run around – be it in grass or in your kitchen They need at least 3-4 hours of playtime each day! Although this sounds like a lot of work they are fun to have and enjoyable to work with. It’s also fun to watch them play with their toys and hop joyously around when they are allowed to exercise. I will post more soon.