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   Apr 26

Miss Kitty’s Chubby Cheeks

Hope this made your day! Hop on, Daughter  

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   Apr 23


We recently had a herd of kits (baby bunnies) from our two original bunnies, Bonnie and Clyde. We put them together (on purpose) to hope that they would mate. But Mom and I never caught Bonnie and Clyde “in the act”. But apparently the phrase “As quick as a bunny” is true, for low and […]

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   Apr 20


Welcome to Blissville Bunnies! We are a Mom-and-Daughter team interested in showing, breeding, and grooming bunnies. We currently have four English Angora bunnies Bonnie, Clyde, and our newest additions Bambi and Miss Kitty. English Angora’s are wool rabbits, but they make great pets too! Read here to learn how we got our first bunnies. Clyde, […]

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