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   Feb 25

Miss Kitty’s First Litter

The precocious and sometimes unpredictable Miss Kitty FINALLY had her first litter of kits. No matter how I did the math, she went for at least 35 days, and that’s with me counting from her last day of breeding. I had all but given up, thinking she had faked us out. After all, she started […]

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   Dec 15

English Angora Bunnies for Sale!

English Angora Bunnies continue to be a daily learning process for Daughter and I. There is so much to learn! And just when you think you’ve figured it all out, something new pops up! We were sure that we’d be offering a beautiful box of ‘chocolates’ just in time for Christmas. However, it seems that […]

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   Apr 23


We recently had a herd of kits (baby bunnies) from our two original bunnies, Bonnie and Clyde. We put them together (on purpose) to hope that they would mate. But Mom and I never caught Bonnie and Clyde “in the act”. But apparently the phrase “As quick as a bunny” is true, for low and […]

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