Blissville Bunnies

   Apr 04

Wool Block Scare

With hopes of participating a show this year with Bambi, I had been letting her wool grow since the boys were born last November. However, we’ve had a lot of excitement going on around here, and it’s been really hard to keep up with grooming. Especially with the herd growth in the last year. An incessant groomer, Bam gave me quite a scare with possible wool block. Luckily, I monitor everyone’s food and water intake, so it didn’t get very far. Pineapple juice diluted in water, administered with a syringe every 15 minutes was my ‘phase 1′. She is such a perfect rabbit. Really. She did NOT like being forced to drink, so by the 6th time I walked toward her with the syringe, she jumped up and starting drinking like mad as if to say “see, look, I’m drinking by myself!”. Needless to say, I didn’t have to implement the next emergency phases for wool block. So here is Miss Bambi, all dolled up for the last time before getting sheared. princess

Still ever the sweet, kissable, bun. It’ll take a few week to her to not look so….well, she’s sheared and that’s that.

Who’s next for a haircut? ;)

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