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   Apr 20


Welcome to Blissville Bunnies!

We are a Mom-and-Daughter team interested in showing, breeding, and grooming bunnies. We currently have four English Angora bunnies Bonnie, Clyde, and our newest additions Bambi and Miss Kitty. English Angora’s are wool rabbits, but they make great pets too! Read here to learn how we got our first bunnies.

Clyde, our buck, is friendly, loving boy. Even though he is all business about his job, he is still a cuddly bunny.

Clyde Hopper

This is our buck, Clyde


Bonnie, our first doe,  is a spunky, mischievous  bunny who has one marbled eye and one regular eye. A few of her hobbies are running, playing with her stick and being held.

Bonnie is our first doe

Bonnie is our first doe

Bonnie has a marbled eye which means that half or more of her eye is blue and the other half is brown. This is caused by the Vienna Gene which I will address in a later post.

This is Bonnie's eyes

This is Bonnie’s eyes


Bambi, our second doe, has been with us for 1 month so it is hard to tell her personality. We do know;however, that she loves playing and being held.

This is Bambi.

This is Bambi.

Miss Kitty, our third doe, has been with us for 2 weeks is,like Bambi, hard to tell what she’s going to be like. But one of her favorite things is to be held by everyone and anyone who is willing.

This is our youngest doe, Miss Kitty

This is our youngest doe, Miss Kitty

English Angora bunnies are very high maintenance! Grooming is essential 1-3 times a week, check their grain two to three times a day, give treats at least once, be held at least once if not more, watered frequently, and be allowed to run around – be it in grass or in your kitchen They need at least 3-4 hours of playtime each day! Although this sounds like a lot of work they are fun to have and enjoyable to work with. It’s also fun to watch them play with their toys and hop joyously around when they are allowed to exercise. I will post more soon.








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